Etsy Playbook eBook

Introducing My New eBook For Etsy Sellers: Etsy Playbook!

Hiya my friend! If you are apart of my Facebook group or my email community, I’m sure you have gotten wind of Etsy Playbook. Yasss! If you haven't heard, let me do the honors of introducing it to you. Ok, first let me just say I’m totally geeking out over here. It just excites me to be able to provide something that many sellers struggle with. If you’re anything like me, I struggled with getting traffic to my shop when I started with Etsy. In fact, I was in total “I don’t know what the heck I’m doing, but I’m going to make it work” mode. What I did know was that I was on a mission to win. I bought supplies, made products, took photos (even though they weren’t the best), created social media handles, listed my products, and BOOM! That was it…not too much excitement happened. In a span of 5 months, I only scored a handful of sales. Although I was super psyched for making even those small amount of sales, it still wasn’t enough for me. Sounds familiar? That is when I stumbled across search engine optimization, also known as SEO. From that very moment, my Etsy journey changed for the good. I know SEO seems overwhelming and downright confusing. I’m sure it even scares the bejeezus out of ya’. Coming from a southern girl who just wanted to make bows and earn a little somethin’-somethin’ on the side… …who had never even heard of SEO… …and went from making an average of $30 bucks a month to quadrupling that figure in 30 days…I can say it’s totally doable for anyone. Here’s what I do know, although there are some complicated elements of SEO, the basics is all you need to put your shop on the map. I also know that once SEO is implemented, you now have the knowledge and the POWER to control your business success. I also know that SEO is just a meniscal part of making consistent sales. Important, yes. A foundational step, yes. But certainly not the end all be all. I want to formally introduce Etsy Playbook here on the blog. I’m going to teach you, the Rockstar I believe you to be, how to victoriously tackle Etsy and all it's elements from choosing your nice to Etsy SEO to marketing beyond Etsy. You are to indulge in my Etsy ebook in which I have packed 9 lessons of actionable, goodness that walks you through finding your niche, building a foundation for your Etsy shop and implementing SEO so that you are attracting all the RIGHT people to your shop. You can get the eBook below. Etsy Playbook | This guide helps you focus on what matters with growing your Etsy shop and teaches you how to build a strategy so that you are spinning your wheels on what to do next.
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