I begin making planners when I realized how helpful they were to other business owners.

In 2018, I started Hello Frankie + Co. the blog and created freebies for Etsy shop owners to aid in their business growth. Years later, I realized I could help creative business owners in a bigger way. The birth of Hello Frankie + Co. the Planner Shop was born. From there, I created planners, guides, and templates to aid shop owners in their quest to organize their business.

I wanted to take things a step further and decided I could not only help entrepreneurs keep their business on track, but I could also create an avenue of revenue for aspiring or current business owners who wanted to build a brand selling planners without having to put in the work of designing from scratch.

We create functional planners that change the game for entrepreneurs who want to skip the hassle of designing from scratch with our planner templates. If you want to create planners and build a business that you love, you are in the right place!

My mission here is uber simple.

I want to help you make your dreams, desires, and goals come to reality while working less on designing, giving more focus to growing your brand.

So whether you are just getting started, need to pivot in your journey, or are simply stuck in which direction you want to go without working tirelessly, I have the ability to provide you with tips, resources, and tools to do it.

Here’s where you stop stressing, stop throwing spaghetti on the wall trying to figure things out, and stop making excuses. It’s go time!

about me!


I am a Mommy to two little humans and and extreme lover of DIY projects.

During my downtime, you can find me giving tons of kisses to my boys or indulging in reality shows (trust me, it keeps you humble). The Bronx Tale is my favorite movie. I can watch the Twilight series a zillion times. The color purple is my jam (see how I did that). And elephants make my heart skip a beat.

I am an introvert hands down and prefer being behind the scene. I live in Georgia, originally a country girl from the rural area of South Carolina.