We are doing things differently!

The do-it-yourself approach, without building from scratch…

So you can fast track your launch and make moolah!

What if I told you, you could…

  • Create a professionally, designed planner without having to start from ground zero
  • Launch your planner business overnight with graphics to build your shop
  • Easily create content to market your completed planners with the use of social templates


The All-In-One Planner Shop Kit

The ultimate solution to eliminate you trying to do #ALLTHETHINGS to start your planner business. Instead you can start your business faster, spend less time designing, and give more focus to growth.

What’s included:

Etsy Shop Branding Template Kit

Se the tone for your business with branding elements that allows you to build relationships and connections with your audience to lead to loyal customers.

  • Etsy Shop Branding Essentials: Templates to create a strong visual brand out the gate. Includes 15 templates.
  • Brand Board Elements: A visual road map and reference tool that displays how your brand is represented. Includes 8 templates.

Planner Template Kit

Choose between any of our planner template kits that serve the needs of your business.

  • Planners are designed to cater to a specific niche.
  • Customizable in Canva.
  • Extended commercial license included so you can as much as your heart desires.

Product Listing Template Kit

Increase your sales by building quality product listings to convert shoppers into customers.

  • Listing templates for you to set up your listing images quickly. Includes 10 templates.
  • Product description template guide to help you build descriptions that give shoppers all the information they need to purchase your products.

Marketing Template Kit

Strategically share your products and services to your audience with the use of social graphics.

  • Share on Facebook and Instagram to build relationships and gain access to discovery from a new audience. Includes 40 templates.
  • Increase traffic with Pinterest from an audience who is ready to buy. Includes 10 templates.
  • Get your brand in front of an audience to build, engage, and convert.

All-In-One Planner Shop Template Kit

Get everything you need to build your planner business with your custom design that connects with your audience, but without the having design skills or creating from scratch.

You want to start a planner business, BUT…

  • You are struggling to design a planner from scratch, but finding that it is taking a ton of time.
  • You are disliking the design that you came up with as you find your planner doesn’t have a unique look that stands out amongst the crowd.
  • You can’t afford to hire a designer (or no one can replicate the style you want)

If this sounds like you, STOP tinkering with a design you’re not in love with or staring at a blank screen in the hopes of coming up with something. Instead, start designing your planner that you love with the All-In-One Planner Shop Template Kit.

There is FINALLY an easy way to create your dream planner and launch your business so that you can begin making sales. Don’t let this hiccup hold you back from starting your business.

Ready to start your biz?

Let’s get rid of the things that aren’t moving the needle for you!

Instead of stressing over the amount of time it takes to create a planner…

…I’m giving you back that time so you can focus on more pressing matters…

…making SALES!!!

The All-In-One Planner Shop Kit is the perfect done-for-you approach to starting your business minus the stress.

Now you can make money right away, without uber design experience Yup! We are doing away with extended learning curves over here.



What do I get with the templates?

Template Kits include full calendar (yearly, monthly, weekly, daily) sheets, alongside additional sheets that are exclusive to each template niche. For example, the student planner template consists of sheets that are centered around academics and resources helpful to organizing school life.

I already have an established business, will this work for me?

For sure! This is a great way to refresh your current business branding and overall look. Or you can undergo a completed rebrand with a new niche, pivoting from what you are currently selling.

What if I’m not creative?

This is most definitely for you! We created these templates for those who don’t need a ton of design skills. The templates have the foundational layout designed in a way in which you can get you concept out but without having to be an expert in the design field.

Do you offer support with the planner templates?

Each planner template has short video trainings on how to use the templates which you can accesshere. We do not provide private support. However, you can always reach out if you need help with downloading your planner templates or accessing them. Additionally,you can join our support community on Facebook, Design + Sell Planners.

Can I purchase the templates to use for a client?

Yes, but it is required that you purchase a new license for every client that will use each template. So for every purchase is one business. And if you are using it for your business you will need one for your business as well. You can reach out to us if you’d like to become an affiliate or if you would like to add the All-In-One Planner Templates into all of your client’s process. Send an email to hello@hellofrankieandco.com to get more information if you like to establish a partnership.

Is there a limit on how many planners I can sell?

Not at all! You can sell unlimited products and designs with the templates.

How long does this process take?

This simply depends or your desired pace. You can complete your shop set up in a matter of weeks to completing it in one day. You have complete control. We created the template kits to help reduce the time spent creating and lessening the load.

Will this work for (insert your niche)?

Absolutely! We created multiple planner templates to cater to specific niche industries. However, we recommend the Essentials All-In-One Template Kit as it general planner to start with if you would prefer not to have a niche-specific planner.

Do I need to have launched my business before I purchase?

No. You can purchase templates at any stage of your business journey.

What is the difference between your printable planners and the planner template kits?

My printable planners come in pdf format, which does not allow for edits. Printable planners come as-is, can not be distributed, and is for personal use. The planner templates are accessed in Canva with editing permission that allows you to make edits and download them as a pdf for final use. In addition, you are provided with an extended commercial license to sell in pdf format only.

Can I use the templates to create and sell my planners?

Yup! An extended commercial license is included. You can add your logo, branding, colors, and graphics to match your brand. However, the templates can not be sold or distributed whatsoever. With the commercial license, you may sell in pdf format only and with changes to the original design.

What software do I need to use for the planner templates?

You will need Canva either the free or pro version works.